tempered steel

The unique properties of tempered steel

In the world of engineering and manufacturing, tempered steel is a material that stands out for its exceptional properties. From its strength to its versatility in industrial applications,…

metal recycling

Metal recycling: An overview of the process and latest technological advances

Metal recycling has taken on great importance in recent years as an indispensable step  towards achieving sustainable resource management, including of the metals used in forging. Here we…

acero zonas sísmicas

Steel in seismic zones: energy absorption and strength

Steel has long been the preferred choice for the construction of structures in seismic zones due to its remarkable energy absorption and strength. It is clear that natural…

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 or the impact of digitization on the metal industry

The advent of Industry 4.0 has completely revolutionized the metallurgical industry, thanks to the impact of digitalization on all aspects of the production process. This has opened up…

pipe claims

How to choose pipe clamps for industrial uses

Industrial pipe clamps hold and support pipes and reduce the risk of leaks and damage. Find out how they ensure safety.

iron mine

How is iron produced? From mine to factory

Iron is an essential element in many industries and represents an invaluable resource in the development of infrastructure and everyday products. Since the dawn of civilization, human beings…

properties of materials for industry

Mechanical, physical and chemical properties of materials for industry

In modern industry, choosing the right materials is essential to ensure product quality. Aesthetics or ease of manufacture are not enough — you have to understand the mechanical,…

acero carbonado

Carbon steel in industry

Carbon steel is a highly valued material in industry because of its strength and durability. Its characteristics make it ideal for a variety of applications in different sectors,…

plane steel

Steel: characteristics, properties and uses

Steel is one of the most widely used materials in the world due to the innumerable properties that make it useful in various industries: from construction, to art…

Origin and discovery of metals

Metals have been a determining factor in the development of humanity since the dawn of the first advanced civilizations, so much so that everyday items from that time…