It is in our DNA. We have had the forging tradition in our blood from the beginning, and our commitment has forged a brand for the future. Determination and focus have allowed us to grow and improve ourselves in different dimensions, as well as enhancing the technical complexity of our products and services. We have never stopped at the challenge of forging any type of metal, working until we could provide whatever degree of hardness and durability our customers required.
We make progress hand-in-hand with our customers every day.

We are part of a great cooperative group that is committed to helping people and professionals prosper, as well as to economic and social development. We forge the well-being of people, because people are our main asset and helping make society prosper is the essence of our efforts.

WE ARE ULMA: we are committed to society, the economy and the environment.

ULMA is a socially-based business group, committed to its people and its community, while opening itself to a more and more globalized world.

ULMA is one of the largest business groups in the north of Spain and has been operating for more than 60 years with a firm commitment to innovation, employment and added value.

ULMA derives is identity from a community where the organizations that comprise it are at the forefront of education, finance, research and social well-being. With a history and culture based on a cooperative values, ULMA Group is now a key part of the area’s future, and is at the forefront of the most advanced technology and workplace innovation.

ULMA is a solid group, with a culture that rewards effort and looks towards the future of the people who make our project possible. We also take pride in belonging to a supportive community. We are grateful for their participation and involvement in a common project and for their trust in our capacity to drive progress for the future. The pride of belonging that all of ULMA Group’s people have experienced since its founding, and the transmission of this positive and entrepreneurial character to future generations, are the essence of the ULMA brand.

ULMA wishes to help create a more prosperous, fairer and healthier society for the current and future generations.

PEOPLE are the cornerstone of our strategy.