Advanced Forged Solutions

More than 50 years manufacturing flanges and forged components

We have merged the two brand names of ULMA Forja S.Coop, ULMA Piping and ULMA Lazkao Forging under the name ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions, combining more than half a century of global experience manufacturing FORGED STEEL FLANGES and high-spec FORGED COMPONENTS, strengthening ULMA’s position as a leading brand in our market.



Our products are recognized worldwide for their high quality and reliability. With our advanced testing labs and our highly qualified workforce, we bring together the highest standards in technology, quality and productivity.


Continuous and shared learning in business

We are living in times of constant change where markets have become volatile and uncertain. This means companies need to look for ways to be more agile and produce continuous innovation. To this end, two elements have proven to be key for business: continuous learning and shared training. What is continuous learning? Continuous learning is …

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Fake products: what they are and the risks involved

“Fake products” may go by other names — forgery, counterfeit, bogus, knockoff, ripoff — but they have been with us for a long time. Lately, however, they have been appearing in new and unexpected areas. Counterfeiting, an expanding business Most commonly we find counterfeits in clothing, footwear and sunglasses, but medicine and even food are …

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