Virtual audits in times of COVID-19

COVID has presented many challenges between businesses who collaborate together. We have all had to adapt together and find new innovative ways forward. For example, there is no substitute for an in person meeting, but conferencing together can be a good solution. This is an easy solution almost all businesses are currently utilizing. What about something more challenging like a factory visit or audit?

How to perform a virtual audit?

A truly open and live technical audit is certainly a more complex challenge. Recently, ULMA had been requested to have an open and transparent live streaming factory audit.

Online, transparent and real-time quality audit

This is a fully open audit where the visitor can see and inspect all of our processes from start to finish, request to stop and focus on specific parts of our production, and ask technical questions all in a live streaming real time format.

We are happy to report ULMA successfully met the challenge through a collaborative effort between our internal quality department and one of our sister companies in professional media production.

The combination of technical ability and full transparency provided fantastic results.

Life video audit at ULMA’s facilities

To account for our successful virtual audit, we share with you a few moments from our most recent virtual visit.

At ULMA we have earned a good reputation for quality and service thanks to the continuous effort to improve the quality of our systems, processes and operations with a highly qualified team. If you would like to arrange for a technical audit together with ULMA Forged Solutions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our doors are fully open to you and your quality team as well.