Interview with Jenny Zhang, ULMA Forja China Sales Manager

My name is Jenny Zhang 35 years old, Bachelor degree, major in polymer chemistry. I have been working in the energy industry in sales and project management since 2008. I previously worked in for and Italian company and an American group of companies, all related to energy.

When did you join ULMA and why?

I joined ULMA in 2015, as responsible for ULMA China office and I have been working for ULMA for nearly six years. ULMA was a breakthrough in my career because it was the first time I was responsible for the entire office and the entire Chinese market.

Can you please mention the key milestones of ULMA in China?

I think the first year of joining ULMA was a milestone year, and the pioneering year was the most difficult. However, thanks to the trust and support from the factory and all my colleagues, ULMA China has successfully established the relationship and cooperation with major EPC companies in China. The headquarters of ULMA provided me training and guidance, and all departments gave me 100% trust and strong support in my work. I personally felt that ULMA was like a big family, no matter what country the employees came from.

What do you think that are the main strengths of ULMA China? And what about the headquarters?

I think it was very wise and forward-looking for ULMA to set up an office in China, because China has made great progress and leaps in the energy industry in both overseas markets and domestic markets in the past 15 years. China’s main energy EPC also grew to the level of major project competition, the winning rate has increased year by year.

Which are the similarities of Basque and Chinese cultures?

Before I joined ULMA, I knew little about Basque culture. In my impression, there were many holidays in Europe and European people worked very leisurely. After I joining ULMA, I realized how wrong I was.

Basque and Chinese cultures although very different from each other, there are similarities in many senses; hard worker genes, value family and friends, but I think Basque has enhanced work efficiency in order to better balance work and life, which is worth learning from Chinese employees.

While visiting the Basque country what do you like most?

Every time I go to Basque Country, I go to the factory for meetings. I prefer Onati to Bilbao. The history, architecture and the cultural atmosphere fascinate me. Of course, Basque food is by far the thing I most appreciate, really tasty.

How do you see the ULMA future in CHINA?

I have full confidence in the future market of ULMA in China, because China’s EPC group is constantly growing and developing. I Due to the epidemic this year, all industries are facing special difficulties and challenges. However, I firmly believe that the oil and gas industry will recover and even reach a new peak in the next two years.

Things you like

Similarly, I like resting, to join my family and watching some movies with my husband. At weekends I try to do some fitness activities to keep shape.

Thank you Jenny for this interesting interview!