ULMA Consigue un contrato para suministrar bridas de alto limite elástico en Arabia Saudí

ULMA wins contract to supply high-elastic-limit flanges in Saudi Arabia

ULMA has obtained a contract to supply high-elastic-limit flanges for a large pipeline that is critical to KSA (Saudi Arabia)’s energy policy and strategy. Oil & gas pipelines are essentially an engineered series of tubes that serve as the basis for transporting petroleum products. They are segmented into various branches with pumps that drive the movement of gas or oil through each section.

In the coming months, the work on this contract will be carried out by an international EPC that has placed its trust in ULMA after considering our experience on similar projects, our knowledge of these types of demanding materials and our production capabilities. 

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) refers to a particular type of company that engineers, oversees and delivers this type of project. The EPC is responsible for purchasing the materials and equipment necessary to construct the infrastructure as a traditional or turnkey project.

The knowledge and talent of our team at ULMA allows us to face this new challenge with complete confidence that we will produce excellent results for both our company and our clients.

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