These are ULMA’s major projects around the world

At ULMA Forged Solutions, we are part of a business group committed to our people and the environment. It is an enterprise based on people and open to an increasingly globalized world. We have been doing business for more than 53 years thanks to our clear commitment to innovation, employment and added value.

Our company’s identity has been shaped by an environment with entities in the vanguard of areas such as education, finance, research and social welfare. Our history has been forged from a culture sustained by cooperative values, which is why ULMA is already at the forefront of technology with the most advanced, optimized work processes.

We are part of a solid group with values that came from the hard work and vision of the people who made possible everything that we are today. The gratitude and pride we feel towards the people who are part of the ULMA Group’s history, and the will to pass on this positive and enterprising character to future generations, are the essence of our company.

Big projects around the world

Our background has led us to develop and participate in projects great in size and of huge importance at an international level, allowing us to collaborate with the leading companies in every country we work in. The world is our natural market, which is why we are present in more than 81 countries, doing some outstanding projects, as detailed below.

Project Al Dabb’Iya (ADCO)—United Arab Emirates

The expansion of Al Dabb’Iya is part of the United Arab Emirates’ strategic project to increase crude oil production from 2.7 to 3.5 million barrels per day. This plan affects several oil deposits located throughout Abu Dhabi, where it is located. 

The Al Dabb’Iya project has been developed in a protected environment of marine flora and fauna. This location has added complexity to the work carried out both on land and in the waters of the Persian Gulf to make it compatible with and respectful of the environment. 

Johan Sverdrup (Statoil)—Norway

This offshore field, named after the first president (1884–1889) of Norwegian parliamentary democracy, was discovered in 2010. Consisting of four marine platforms, it is one of the largest deposits in the North Sea. ULMA’s flanges, manufactured according to the client Kvaerner’s own design, have been installed in the system for lifting crude oil to the production platform, a metal megastructure of more than 26,000 tons that is the largest manufactured by the Norwegian shipyard to date. 

Jazan Export refinery—Saudi Arabia

This refinery in southwest Saudi Arabia is one of the key pieces of the Jazan Economic City Project. For this mega-project, in which world-class EPC engineering companies have participated (Técnicas Reunidas, Hyundai, SK, etc.), we have supplied a wide range of products in terms of size, materials and parts. This project is evidence of ULMA’s enormous production capacities, which are within the reach of very few flange manufacturers.

Modernization of the Talara refinery—Peru

The modernization of this refinery includes the design, construction and implementation of the equipment and installations needed for the treatment of crude oil. ULMA Forged Solutions will participate in the process through the customized design and supply of flanges. This project will allow a considerable increase in the plant’s capacity, from 65,000 to 95,000 barrels of crude oil per day.