Interview with Brad Choi, ULMA Forja East Asia Regional Office Director

We would like to introduce you Brad (Tae-Yong) Choi, our ULMA East Asia Regional Office Director. He is in charge of our Sales for Korea, Japan and China.

He has been building his carrier in the Oil and Gas industry since 2003. He previously worked in highly regarded companies such as S&S Valve Co., Ltd and Samkang M&T, which specialize in the manufacturing of cryogenic valves and offshore structures for oil and gas plants.

When did you join ULMA and why?

I joined ULMA in 2011, it’s been almost 10 years now. Joining ULMA was a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Please summarize working for ULMA these last 10 years

It was a big challenge for me to promote foreign product to the Korean EPCs as there are many local Korean local competitors.

Korean customers were not aware of ULMA. For them, we were new comer and they thought we were a flange manufacturer, only for stock business.

Despite such disadvantages, we have achieved quite successful results as we have had strong teamwork with a solid team between Korea and Spain.

How do Korean and Basque cultures differ from one another?

My first year at ULMA, I made an extra effort to understand Basque culture and earn the trust from my co-workers in the Headquarters. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to build a strong teamwork and have confidence working with ULMA.

I found that there are much similarity between Korea and the Basque Country, I think this is related to our history in the past. Both are family oriented we are proud of our history and respect our heritages.

Also, Basque people are very hard workers. I thought Koreans are the hardest workers in the world and Europeans not that much as they have a lot of holidays. I was wrong, we are pretty similar. Especially I’m very impressed that each of member are very responsible with their job.

Do you like the Basque Country?

I personally love to visit the Basque Country, one of the main reasons is the Basque food. The ingredients are so fresh, so no need to put too much spices. I like the way of the cooking keeping the original ingredient’s taste. Also, I like the four seasons, the green atmosphere and finally the kind people.

What is your most significant achievement?

During my ULMA years as a sales representative, all projects are challenging, but the Shaybah project from Samsung ENG was the one of the turning points, that we became not only the flange manufacturer but also the solution provider. I believe that since the Shaybah project our reputation among Korean EPC has been firmly established.

How do you see the future?

I’m very confident and optimistic about the future of the ULMA sales Office in Korea. My goal is that ULMA is considered with domestic vendors. In order to achieve this goal, we need to be a strong solid team between Korea and the Basque Country. I believe we already have such a team.

Now we are facing big obstacles due to the lack of projects. But I’m confident saying that we will recover as soon as the market goes up because we still have strong team work.

Short questions:

  • A film – Parasite
  • A book – Ant
  • A hobby – Swimming, Golf
  • A food – Texas Barbeque
  • A drink – Beer (KELER)
  • A special moment – All my family visited to HQ in Basque

Thanks you Brad for this interesting interview!