Towards the full understanding of Inconel 625 forging and heat treating mechanisms

ULMA Forged Solutions is proud to say that we are experts in the Inconel 625 superalloy forging technology. After more than 8 years of research the company, together with Mondragon Unibertsitatea, is finishing a PhD dedicated to the study of the forging and heat treatment of this alloy.

Guaranteed experience in forged components

During these years, the company in collaboration with Mondragon Unibertsitatea, has develop an outstanding experimental simulator for better understanding the forging mechanisms of the superalloy. The simulator is equipped with one heating oven, an isothermal high temperature forging oven and a high-speed hammer. A robotic arm manipulates the testing sample to guarantee full repeatability and the definition of different forging conditions makes possible to experimentally emulate any industrial process.

Figure 1. Experimental simulator with hammer (left), heating oven (middle) and isothermal forging oven (right).
Figure 2. High-speed camera image of a hammer forging test.

We improve the forging process

Using this facility, ULMA and Mondragon Unibertsitatea have performed different experimental tests using different forging temperatures, strain levels, strain rates and varying heating and reheating process chains. As a result, the company is now able to simulate the process using Finite Element Modelling to predict the final forged components microstructure and mechanical properties.

Figure 3. EBSD measurements of Inconel 625 material subjected at different strains (from lower to higher).

Lastly, forged laboratory samples and industrial components have been subjected to different heat treatments too. This has enable the identification of the best process window for forging and heat treating that ends with good mechanical and corrosion properties.

Figure 3. SEM micrograph of properly heat treated sample.
Figure 4. SEM micrograph showing prejudicial precipitates at grain boundary.

ULMA Forged Solutions is delighted to say we are your best partner for the forging of Inconel 625!!