Adversities make us stronger

The overbearing context generated by this virus is one of those enormous situations that life suddenly thrusts upon us, telling us among other things that that there can be no plans and no valid forecasts in the face of its imposing reality — a reality that we are not familiar with and that orders us into a whirlwind of chaos.

And despite the chaos, which is quite new in its magnitude, we still draw our best weapons: the enormous capacity to adapt to adverse circumstances, solidarity and compassion as basic motors of development, individual responsibility, listening and paying attention to the circumstances of others in order to offer the help that is needed. We take another perspective on individual issues and put them into their context. The desire arises to celebrate that we are all in this together.

Let’s take advantage of this pandemic to bring out the best version of ourselves, the one that comes out of our essence as people, the one that comes out when there is no external noise, the one that comes out in the nourishing solitude of a confinement when one looks in the mirror and feels the value of the sum of all of us, when one becomes greater for oneself and for serving others.

What is the best version of yourself during this world cataclysm? How do you want to remember yourself when you look back and remember this moment?

At ULMA Forja, we will remember ourselves as what we are: a great family, attentive to one another, learning every day from the error of the previous day, and overcoming the difficulties of moment learning step by step, without losing sight of our reason for being and with all our hearts set on what we do.

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