Ulma awarded contract for Berri Oil Field

ULMA Forja, S. Coop / Ulma Forge has been awarded a contract to supply flanges to the Berri Oil Field Expansion, an oil extraction project located partly onshore and partly offshore along Saudi Arabia’s eastern coast. This project is expanding under the Berri Increment Program (BIP) with the aim of doubling crude oil production capacity to 500,000 barrels per day.

The products manufactured by ULMA are intended for high-pressure applications (900–1500 lbs.) and require a variety of materials. In addition, some of the units will have to be manufactured to special drawings because they will be coated with anti-corrosion material at later stages.

Scheduled to start in 2023, the Berri Oil Field Expansion project is expected to add 250,000 barrels per day of ”Arab Light” crude oil production, plus another 40,000 barrels of hydrocarbon condensate associated with the project.

The Berri Oil Field Expansion project, in addition to doubling crude oil production, will have a new diesel separation plant at the Abu Ali GOSP facility, which will be installed with a 140 MW gas-powered generation unit. The plant will also be equipped with sulfur removal trains to process 370 million standard cubic feet per day of associated sour gas.

As part of the expansion project, two more drilling islands are being developed simultaneously, one of which is a water injection facility. In addition, the plan includes 11 offshore oil and water platforms and nine onshore production and water supply drilling sites, as well as associated pipelines. The two drilling islands are being developed north and south of the King Fahad industrial harbor roadway in Jubail, occupying an area of 616,553 m² and 263,855 m², respectively.

This new contract is a major breakthrough for our forged steel flange manufacturing business line in the international market. At ULMA Forja, S. Coop. / Ulma Forge, we specialize in the integrated manufacture of flanges and forged steel products. The fact that we cover the entiremanufacturing process, from raw material to final product, is one of our most relevant characteristics in that it allows us to be competitive in meeting the quality standards demanded by both the market and our customers.