High quality for our most demanding customers

At ULMA Forge, we work hard to manufacture flanges and forged steel products known internationally for their quality and reliability. The performance and durability of our products is the result of not only exhaustive research programs, which we carry out through the development of advanced engineering, but also our compliance with good professional practices in the workplace.

All of our operations are controlled by a quality assurance system, certified for ISO 9001 standards by Lloyds Register. In addition, they are subject to continuous reviews by internal quality auditors, external inspection agencies, major engineering firms and end users around the world.

At ULMA, we have a maxim: compliance with client requirements and international standards is an unavoidable obligation.

Confidence in quality

The commitment we demand from ourselves every day in manufacturing products of the highest quality has led to our quality assurance and testing system being awarded the prestigious international Silver Q. This prize is awarded by Euskalit to recognize the most advanced organizations and the best management practices in the Basque Country. This award is the equivalent of the Baldridge Award in the United States and the Deming Award in Japan.

Every day we put forward all our effort and knowledge in the service of innovation in our production processes, carrying out continuous technological restructuring to always guarantee the highest level of quality, reliability and efficiency. The market’s technological demands are growing every day, which is why innovation plays an increasingly important role at ULMA. This is why our entire staff works closely with the main European R&D and innovation centers to guarantee excellence to all our clients.

Efficiency at work

One of the main objectives we have set for ourselves at ULMA is to satisfy all of our clients with products and services that not only meet their requirements but also exceed their expectations. To this end, we are committed to hiring highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the sector. We also advocate for the continuous improvement of our internal processes.

At ULMA Forge, we always offer first-class solutions.

We supply high-quality flanges and forged steel products with the shortest possible turnaround time, allowing deliveries to be made on time even for projects with demanding schedules. Some of the key factors that make this possible are our motivated staff, an efficient production system, and the latest technology which infuses all our processes.

Most of our production takes place under the ASME-ASTM or API standards, which are the most widely recognized standards in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation markets. Thanks to the specifications we have imposed internally, our flanges clearly exceed the minimum requirements of these standards, making them much more versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Quality is the main characteristic that differentiates all our products. Proof of this is that ULMA is an approved supplier of the most demanding operators in the market. Our company has the knowledge and capacity, both technical and human, to supply all types of products to the market. These products meet the corresponding technical requirements and demands, according to the specific working conditions of the application for which the product is intended.

At ULMA, we have developed a highly qualified technical department capable of

  • Advising our clients on any of their needs
  • Developing custom engineering for non-standard flanges, designed appropriately to withstand the conditions they will be used under
  • Preparing studies of the complete flanged joint as a set of different components (flange + gasket + fasteners) 

At ULMA, we have been innovating for more than 40 years, manufacturing flanges and forged steel products of the highest quality. All of our products meet the standards required by the market thanks to our technical knowledge, which allows us to respond to even the most complex cases.