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Is it possible to balance family life and long-distance travel for work?

Finding a balance between professional success and an optimal quality of family life can be a challenge for those of us who face this situation, especially when the demands of our job require us to travel far away and stay away from home for several days. Every time we travel, our families suffer — often they even count the days until we return. What can we do to make our business trips more bearable for the family we temporarily leave behind?

With this in mind, I asked my five-year-old son Danel to draw something nice on a piece of paper to take with me on a trip to Abu Dhabi, where my company was participating in a trade fair. I explained to him that I would take his drawing and send him a photo with it when I was there so that he would know that I was thinking about him. Once there, after finishing a meeting with AbdulRahman, one of our Saudi partners, I asked the CEO if he would mind taking a picture of us with Danel’s drawing so I could send it to him.

Seeing my son happy with such a small but meaningful gesture was one of the best feelings in the world.

Thanks a lot, Abdul!

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