ULMA Forged and renewable energy

At ULMA Forged Solutions we believe that profitable and sustainable growth is the way forward. That is why our Code of Ethics includes the values and principles of business conduct that ULMA Forged Solutions is committed to, including protecting the environment.

This is one of the guiding principles of our business, meaning we carefully follow the law and other regulations on environmental protection.

On every job, we follow a system of environmental management standards and procedures that are fully in line with the applicable regulations. Our system allows us to identify and minimize the environmental risks — especially in key aspects such as waste, handling of hazardous materials and prevention of spills and leaks.

Our mission is to help create a sustainable world, and for this reason we devote a large part of our resources, knowledge and technology to the generation of renewable energy.

Manufacturing parts for renewable energies

ULMA Forged Solutions manufactures and markets forged pipe fittings and forged flanges in a wide variety of diameters and pressure ratings, out of multiple alloys, for various power-generating industries.

Parts for the wind power industry

At ULMA, we manufacture various components for wind energy, which is one of our top priorities among all the renewable power projects we undertake.

Ring rolling is a process by which the thick-walled sheets of a ring are drawn out to obtain thinner walls with a larger diameter. This makes it possible to optimize the material used so that there is very little waste during the full process from start to finish.

The process is used for donut-shaped parts which would undergo significant material loss if processed by other methods. Since a much smaller amount of material is wasted during the forging process, the savings are greater.

Ring Rolling allows us to forge rings for very different uses competitively. We forge rings with an outside diameter of up to 2 m and with cross-sections of different shapes. To ensure quality, each piece is inspected by a precise 3D laser installed in-line.

Parts for hydroelectric power plants

We also manufacture forged turbine blades for hydroelectric power plants which, due to their shape, are not suitable for all forges. This is because they require a combination of open-die and hammer closed-die forging to take on their characteristic shape.

At ULMA Forged Solutions, we have different technologies deployed at well laid-out plants, making us an efficient and competitive company, and a world leader in terms of production capacity and technology.