Whistleblower Channel

The Whistleblower Channel is a communication channel available to all ULMA Forja S.Coop. employees and interested parties to report unethical and inappropriate behavior.

Reporting in good faith will not give rise to any retaliation and the identity of the reporting person will be kept confidential. Personal data will be processed in accordance with current legislation on personal data protection.

The Whistleblower Channel is managed by the Compliance Committee of ULMA Forja S.Coop., which acts independently and autonomously. Claims will be processed in a matter of days, as established in the Ethics Channel Regulations.

Claims may be addressed to:

Compliance Committee of ULMA Forja S.Coop.

Zubillaga, 3. 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa)


In the event that any member of the Compliance Committee is an object of the complaint, it may be sent directly to the ULMA Group Compliance Officer (complianceofficer@ulma.com).