How to encourage a positive attitude at work

There is no clear recipe for success. However, we do know some ingredients that can help increase the chances of career and personal success. We are all clear about some of the factors — skills, knowledge and experience — but we must not forget about attitude.

Soft skills and competences, what are they?

Human Resources departments increasingly value so-called soft skills, i.e., those associated with a person’s personality and character. Our way of being conditions how we see the world and how we relate to and communicate with others — things that have a huge impact on our day-to-day work.

The importance of a positive attitude at work 

The latest report from Infoempleo Adeco considers a positive attitude to be one of the five main interpersonal skills that an ideal job candidate must have.

These skills are filled out by teamwork, problem solving, organizational and planning skills and communication skills.

But what does it really mean to have a positive attitude in the workplace? Here are a few ways to answer this question:

Positive attitude, what is it?

  • Optimism. Positive people help improve the internal cohesion of the organization, which helps build a good work environment. “Being positive” is not at odds with “being realistic,” it is just a matter of always trying to find the best option based on the specific circumstances of each situation.
  • Motivation. Professionals who like their work and are excited about their jobs usually give it their best, trying to overcome any adverse circumstances that may arise.
  • Proactivity: Having initiative to propose new ideas and anticipating customer reactions are qualities very much in demand among recruiters trying to attract talent to organizations.
  • Flexibility. A natural inclination to adapt to the needs of the client and to “be open” to learning has a positive impact on productivity and makes one be held in high regard both inside and outside the company.
  • Learning from mistakes. The ability to be self-critical and to take responsibility is also highly valued. If we know what we have done wrong in a given situation, we can act differently in similar circumstances in the future and have a greater chance of success. As the famous quote – falsely attributed to Albert Einstein – says, “if you do always the same thing, don’t expect different results.”
  • Solidarity. On a work team, all members need to demonstrate their readiness to help their teammates, so people’s different skills can be combined to achieve better results.

All these characteristics make for a committed professional who can be trusted to meet the various challenges that may arise in any business project. But keeping a positive attitude at work is not always easy. It is important that the company know how to give the necessary support, under good working conditions that contribute to keeping up the motivation of the worker. 

How do we keep the professionals at ULMA Forged Solutions motivated?

At ULMA Forged Solutions, we are aware of the importance of maintaining a good work environment. People make it possible for a business to move forward — that is why it is necessary to look out for their welfare and their professional development. All this is fundamental to attracting and retaining the best talent.

Through annual training plans and technical and management skills training programs, ULMA Forged Solutions employees acquire and improve not only their technical skills, but also the so-called soft skills, such as teamwork and problem solving.

The company also has talent management plans to support the personal and professional development of each employee, taking into account the specific needs of each individual. Likewise, an important area of focus is on occupational health & safety and risk prevention. Recently, an equality plan has also been implemented, aiming to raise awareness, train and make improvements to help meet this challenge.

All these actions are reinforced by the daily work of the entire staff. A team with a positive and enterprising character and the necessary skills and attitudes to ensure customer satisfaction.