This is Oñati, the land that has given life to our company

Our company, ULMA Forged Advanced Solutions, is recognized worldwide for the potentialand capacity of the people who make up our great family. Our brand is built on strong values that reinforce its emotional attributes.

Projects, ideas, people, innovation, competitiveness, participation, cooperation—these are just some of the factors and qualities that add value to our company and that clearly differentiate us within the sector. In short, ULMA stands for a spirit of cooperation and responsibility.

Our values form the basis of what ULMA signifies today—a great company forged in the tradition of the land around us. This land has seen us grow and has witnessed our progress throughout the decades. Oñati is our place in the world, our reason for being. It is the center from which we forge each product with value and quality for all of our customers around the world.

Oñati: A land full of value and tradition

Oñati (Oñate in some older and Spanish-language texts) is a town in the Historical Territory (province) of Gipuzkoa, within the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. Belonging to the Upper Deba River region, our town holds the title of ”very noble and loyal town.” One of the curious facts about its history is that it was a powerful and stately villa that became a County, and was not integrated into Gipuzkoa province until 1845. 

This beautiful municipality which has seen us start up and grow into today’s ULMA, was, in the days of the Counts, first governed by the Vela family and later by the Guevara family of Araba (Alava). The Counts of Oñati had authority over the territory, with the power to collect taxes, appoint the mayor and the abbot of the church, exercise justice, and captain the troops, among many other rights.

The Guevara family held the Señorío de Oñate (Lordship of Oñati) from 1149 until the town’s annexation to Gipuzkoa in 1845. In the annexation protocol, various conditions set out by the Count of Oñati were accepted, including the construction of a road from Ormaiztegi to Oñati, an increase in the maintenance concession to the university and an annual income of 20,000 reales payable personally to the Count.

Oñati’s special places

Oñati is a land of unforgettable landscapes, flavors and monuments. It is designed for its people to live, feel and, above, all enjoy. A number of magical spots give a special character to the area and its people and symbolize the passage of history through this beautiful region. We invite you to discover them all!

Sancti Spiritus University

This is one of those jewels of the Renaissance for which you should reserve part of your time when you visit our area. Did you know that the University of Oñati is considered the most representative building of the Renaissance period in the Basque Country? This is due both to its beautiful architecture and to its being one of the most significant institutions in the spirit of the Renaissance.

St. Michael’s Parish

Here we have a clear example of a church that has been built over the centuries, mixing elements of various styles. The Parroquia de San Miguel is a 15th-century Gothic monument that sits in perfect harmony with the landscape of Oñati. It is a place you should not miss during your visit.

Bidaurreta Monastery

This Gothic-Renaissance building, built at the beginning of the 16th century, was founded by Juan López de Lazarraga, secretary of the Royal Council and Chief Accountant of the Catholic Monarchs. Today, this magnificent religious work forms a cloistered convent for the Poor Clare nuns of the Franciscan order, whose vow of poverty is perfectly reflected in the building’s sobriety.

Palaces and civil buildings

Oñati is a very nice place to simply wander around and even get lost, thanks to its abundance of artistic and architectural styles where tradition and vanguard are mixed. It is a village full ofstories and traditionIt is also a place that has seen our company grow. Here at ULMA, we have absorbed the values of hard work, commitment and solidarity that this land represents. Along its streets you will be able to feel everything that the people of this wonderful town have forged through their labor and courage over the years. We invite you to discover them all, including Lazarraga Palace and the Santa Marina and Fueros squares.