Committing as professionals to safety and care of the environment

The decades of experience we have under our belts at ULMA mean that we have some important strengths that make our clients continue to trust us year after year.  This is a point of pride for us.

We are part of a cooperative system that offers the benefits of a staff that is totally dedicated to our business objectives. Our team’s excellent level of qualification and training allows our work capacity to be truly exceptional.

Collaboration with higher education and wide international business presence

At ULMA, we work closely with the engineering schools of Mondragon University, and with several research centres. This opens the door to innovation and continuous improvement.

The university associated with the Mondragon cooperatives has been acquiring ever greater worldwide prestige throughout its history stemming from its specialized engineering training. This has made it the main source of highly qualified, first-class personnel for our company.

At ULMA, we offer our services, experience, and products of the highest quality to clients located in more than 70 countries around the world. Our company has an extensive international network of offices and a large dedicated sales force, which is constantly growing and is able to adapt quickly to the needs of each client.

Our headquarters are located in Oñati (Gipuzkoa) and we have international subsidiaries in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Iran, UAE, France, the U.K., Argentina and Venezuela, among others.

Commitment to each project

At ULMA, we not only manufacture flanges of the highest quality, we also work with passion to offer customized solutions to each of our clients. At ULMA, we feel very proud of all of the members of this great family—motivated and highly trained, specialised and experienced. Our dedication plus our deep knowledge of the work processes of each of our clients allows us to offer the highest quality products and specialized solutions for each project. These solutions are flexible, as they are custom designed to provide failure-free performance even under the most adverse conditions.

Since 1970, we have been actively involved in hundreds of major projects worldwide, always offering the highest product quality along with dedicated and flexible service. Throughout our history we have always met and exceeded our clients’ expectations. At the same time, we have acquired tremendously valuable know-how that now allows us to manage highly complex and demanding international projects.

Health, safety and environmental consciousness

We are the first flange manufacturer in the world to hold three certifications from Lloyds Register Quality Assurance:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Health, safety and environmental protection have always been a priority for us. We have developed, implemented and certified an environmental and health & safety management system at all our workplaces operating in accordance with ISO 9001 (since 1992), OHSAS 18001 (since 2010) and ISO 14001 (since 2002). We are certified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, and we undergo annual audits in order to maintain and expand the integrity of this management system.
  • All health, safety and environmental issues are addressed systematically, effectively and proactively in accordance with ISO standards and OHSAS guidelines by designing specific objectives to resolve them. In this respect, we work on the basis of risk and environmental issue management by identifying, quantifying and executing specific instructions and work plans.
  • At ULMA, we are aware that the health and safety of the people on our team is essential to our success. Therefore, we provide training to all employees in addition to taking appropriate measures to prevent accidents and other work-related problems. One of ULMA’s main values is to maintain and improve health & safety measures in all our work spaces.

We are convinced that environmental sustainability is the basis of our planet’s future, and we try to keep this in mind so that all our management is oriented towards the protection of our environment.

The main tools we use to minimize the environmental impact of our activities are to work on our continuous improvement and to take preventive measures. To this end, we optimize our production system and thus make increasingly efficient use of energy and raw materials while reducing the amount of waste, pollution and other elements that are harmful to the environment.