Carrying on at work!

In these difficult times for everyone, at #ULMA our aim is to continue satisfying our customers’ needs. At this time and as long as there is no substantial change in local conditions, we at #ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions are carrying on with our manufacturing and business activity, while applying all of the various protocols and health & safety measures that are currently in force.

As this situation is so exceptional, we are evaluating and adjusting our actions on a daily basis and following the guidelines issued by the Authorities. In order to properly follow these guidelines, we have implemented a #COVID-19 Contingency Plan in order to protect the health of our workers and of the people who access our facilities.

All of our encouragement and solidarity goes out to those affected by the #COVID-19 health crisis — clients, suppliers, colleagues in the sector and society in general.

With everyone’s commitment, we are sure to get through this complicated situation!

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