Ulma intranet

ULMA Forja completing the client intranet (Oñati)

When speaking about Industry 4.0 we are talking about connection, machine-human and human-machine interaction. We are also speaking about data, statistics for problem solving and many other technical and technological issues. But there are other aspects of Industry 4.0 that are not as well known, such as platforms for managing people or interacting with clients.

At ULMA Forge we have created an intranet designed for you

ULMA Forge, in addition to the above, is working on improving interaction with clients through the development of a new intranet, currently in the validation phase, which will be put into operation shortly and will allow our clients to see all the information they need about their projects.

In addition to implementing digitalization systems, we are taking this step to support our commitment to transparency and closeness to our customers. Customers will have total access to all relevant information on our products, all while we maintain the personal attention and accessibility we are known for.

On this website, customers will be able to access information on the products they have purchased, as well as the certificates and all other relevant associated documents.

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